What is Coaching?

Coaching is a developing profession that seeks to harness the wisdom inherent in every person through a non-hierarchical, co-creative process based in psychology and philosophy. Clients set their own objectives. All work is done one-on-one and is confidential. A typical coaching client is used to being successful and proactive.

Why Awakening Coaching?

We are meant to continually evolve or we get stuck. Awakening Coaching is a unique and extremely effective method of coaching designed to expand a client’s boundaries and awaken their awareness to new possibilities and perspectives. It recognizes that a client has intuitive knowledge about their direction, objectives, and vision, and the obstacles keeping them from to reaching their potential.

This coaching method uses specific tools to dissolve habitual obstacles and bring forth a client’s latent talents, strengths and skills to embody their potential in every area of their personal and professional life.

Why Transpersonal Psychology?

Transpersonal psychology seeks to understand the brilliance of the human being. It’s a new field of academic study that uses scientifically supported methods to expand our perspective of who we are and what we’re capable of.

It explores how the cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of the individual integrate into creating a greater whole. Transpersonal psychology is an excellent complement to the modality of coaching because it provides the foundational research and philosophy to support the methodology of coaching.

Why Deeper Love Coaching

Human beings are hardwired to connect with people and to have meaningful relationships. Coaching clients usually have multiple objectives and they very often include creating richer, more dynamic relationships. Deeper Love Coaching is designed to work with individuals and couples to give them tools to create depth, commitment and meaning in their intimate relationships.