“Jamie has helped me by peeling back the layers of stories I created to justify the decisions I have made. She helped me to love myself just as I am, and to see the beauty in everyone and everything. I am thankful to Jamie for all that she has done for me.”
Sue C. - Client
"I was an empty nester & my husband was working in S. America. I was on an emotional roller coaster but mostly lonely & unhappy. I went to Jamie for help. She helped me understand myself, the situation & make needed changes. I can truly say that my marriage is amazing & strong, & I am happier than have been in years!"
Lucy Hibert - Young Life Staff - Area Developer
"I love working with Jamie because she's helped me realize it's okay to be me. It's not about reliving my childhood and past experiences it's about moving forward from here on a very positive way."
Jill Wickens - Top Real Estate Agent in Elko area